Twin Star of Suzaku (ishou_akai_kou) wrote in nm_anime,
Twin Star of Suzaku

Anime New Years Eve party -- update

ok, so we're gonna be having a small bakesale in hopes of raising funds to rent the room that has been offered to us.

--party information--
where :: the comfort inn @ central and university ((i think that's where it was))
when :: December 29th - ((between 9am & 9pm)) but probably later in the day - closer to 6-9pm
-it's still unknown if we will be able to watch anime while we're there. we're still looking for a projector to hook up to either a laptop or a dvd player
-it will be kind of a potluck, but i'll try and bring some ramen and whatnot to make while we're there.

any corrections, additions, or questions -- please let me know!

--fund raising for the party--
the bakesale will be on either the 27th or the 28th ((still getting a consensus when would be the better day))

it will hopefully be at the albertsons @ tramway and central ((i haven't been able to talk to a manager yet, but i'll be going over there this weekend to hopefully speak at them))

if you'd like to help out with the fundraiser, let me know. we'll need food to sell ((obviously)) and i'd rather home-made stuff instead of ready-made store bought. we'll also need people to sit at the table and sell the stuff. XD i'll probably be the one doing that, but company would be appreciated.

If we don't get enough funds from this bakesale to cover the rent of the room, we will have to postpone the party until a later date.
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