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Yay! Cosplay sale!

*I accept paypal only!
*Shipping is from California
*Items come from a smoke-free home and are washed!
*I have several cats but these were kept out of their reach!
*Also I would like to note that I'm 5'7/170cm
**Please contact me via email!!**

Hello hi everyone! I'm trying to sell a few cosplay items and I'm hoping some people will be willing to buy them~

I'm selling these because these didn't really work out for me! Either they were too short or too big or the character didn't fit me as well as I thought. ;w;

Cosplays + info are under the cut!

Stocking wig! - $25 (shipping included)!
I wanted to cosplay Stocking a way’s back but I realized after getting this wig that my face didn’t suit her well enough so it’s been sitting in my possession for awhile! This will be shipped braided like in the right hand picture~
Meiko Love Colored Ward Cosplay - $35 (shipping included!)
THIS IS REALLY CUTE AND I WANTED TO KEEP THIS BUT IT’S SO SHORT ON ME AAAAA ;x; It’s very well made though!! The quality really surprised me! *A* The “X” thing though is a little silly though, but if you wanted to you could remake it yourself!
length: 76cm
bust: up to 99cm
waist: up to 81cm
If you need more measurements please contact me~

Cirno Cosplay - $55 (shipping included!) (wig can be included as well!)
MAD BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED TO COSPLAY CIRNO BUT I DON’T LIKE THE WAY I LOOK IN THIS. But yeah this is really, REALLY well made. It comes with everything pictured! The undershirt, the jumper, the hairbow, the ribbon and it can also come with the wig I got for it too! (if needed!) Just add on about 12 dollars to the price if wig is needed! =w=
Bust: up to 98cm
Waist: up to 86cm
Hips: up to 99cm
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me~!
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