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Date:2013-04-19 15:38
Subject:Yay! Cosplay sale!

*I accept paypal only!
*Shipping is from California
*Items come from a smoke-free home and are washed!
*I have several cats but these were kept out of their reach!
*Also I would like to note that I'm 5'7/170cm
**Please contact me via email!!**

Hello hi everyone! I'm trying to sell a few cosplay items and I'm hoping some people will be willing to buy them~

I'm selling these because these didn't really work out for me! Either they were too short or too big or the character didn't fit me as well as I thought. ;w;

Cosplays + info are under the cut!

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Date:2012-04-01 16:55
Subject:Slight intro and selling stuff!

(´・ω・`) Hello. I recently joined LJ and I found this community...I realize it's kinda dead but it wouldn't hurt to post something here;;

Anyway, everyone calls me Ama! I'm from Albuquerque and I like TONS of anime. It's really difficult to list them all ;w;. I also really love Vocaloid a lot! I'm married to Kaito btw v wv. I also have three UTAU....Umm...Yeah! I'm pretty shy and stuff but I am p friendly so um...Hi hello bye. ;w;

I'm selling some anime stuff and a few wigs for cosplay! Have a look if you want ok? Bye bye! ;w;

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Date:2009-08-26 20:31
Subject:Otakumex '09

Do you like anime? Do you like conventions? If you answered yes, then come join us for the second year of Otakumex!

The convention will be at the Sandia Courtyard Hotel and Convention Center from September 25-27. Browse through the website for more information and drop by the chatroom to talk with other otaku.

(And if you do, will you tell The Contessa that Lishi sent you so she'll give me lots of hugs and pocky? ^_^)

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Date:2009-03-17 08:06

I thought this would be a great photoshoot opportunity, so I'm sharing it with you guys!

If you'd like some unique photos of your cosplay, come with me to the Santa Fe prison. I'll be bringing my Nikon D70 and my little Kodak for photos. We can figure out a changing area so you won't have to wear your cosplay all day.

There are two dates so far: March 25th and April 12th. It's $10/person to pay the guide for his time. My photos are free, if you need a photographer.

Here's the info for the 25th:

Look in the discussions list for the info on the 12th. Email me if you'd like to arrange a cosplay meet for photos: grygon@gmail.com

I have enough room for 4 people plus supplies in my car. Pitching in for gas would be appreciated. :)

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Date:2009-01-26 21:16
Subject:little cosplay

I need an Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) jacket made for a stuffed animal. I can pay $20 and will buy the material for you (I paid $65 for a full-sized jacket and did not buy the material).

I'd like to bring you the doll so that a proper fit can be made. She is unique, hand-made from etsy.

If you're interested, or know of a better place to post this let me know!

EDIT: I would like her to have this by SWACE, the first week of March, as she'll be going with me.

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Date:2008-08-26 15:47
Subject:Anime Convention

It's time to bust out your cosplay outfits. Just a reminder that Otakumex is going to be going on at the Embassy Suites on Lomas & I-25 next weekend. For more info check out: http://otakumex.com/


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Date:2008-08-20 12:05
Subject:anime block at Bubonicon this year
Mood: chipper

Hi, everyone, just to let you know that we're running a 4 1/2 hr anime video block at Bubonicon this year.  We'll be playing 10 titles between 2 and 6:30 PM on Saturday, 11 if we have time for the bonus OVA (depends on setup time and if the group in the room before us clears out on time).  The shows we picked are currently airing on Japanese TV and are NOT available in for purchase in the US yet.  A few titles are from last year, but we love them so we're showing them even though they're no longer airing, since we can't get them here in the US  :(

Here's Bubonicon's website:


Come by and see what we're showing!

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Date:2008-06-08 00:54
Subject:Collector Con -- Sunday, June 8th!!
Mood: artistic

The collector con as an assortment of anime stuff, along with normal comic-book themed items but most people come for the anime ^^

it's gonna be at the Howard Johnson Hotel @ Eubank & I-40 (though i believe you have to enter the hotel circle loop in order to get to it)

The con will run from 10am - 5pm, and admission is $1 ((gotta love that)).  There will also be door prizes called out every hour!

I hope everyone will come~!


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Date:2008-04-27 18:14
Subject:convention in NM?
Mood:cautiously optimistic

I heard today that someone outside NM is trying to organize an anime convention here this fall, and that there was a posting looking for volunteers on craigslist.  I looked for it but couldn't find it.  Can anyone confirm or deny this rumor?  If it's true, can anyone point me in the direction of any info about it?

If it's not true, sorry about getting anyone's hopes up...

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Date:2008-02-26 07:51
Subject:Free to good home

I'm giving away the Fushigi Yugi: Suzaku set on VHS in Albuquerque. Honestly, I haven't watched it in a very long time, but I assume the tapes work. It's the first 25-ish? Episodes of Fushigi Yugi.

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Date:2007-12-21 23:39
Subject:Anime New Years Eve party -- update

ok, so we're gonna be having a small bakesale in hopes of raising funds to rent the room that has been offered to us.

--party information--
where :: the comfort inn @ central and university ((i think that's where it was))
when :: December 29th - ((between 9am & 9pm)) but probably later in the day - closer to 6-9pm
-it's still unknown if we will be able to watch anime while we're there. we're still looking for a projector to hook up to either a laptop or a dvd player
-it will be kind of a potluck, but i'll try and bring some ramen and whatnot to make while we're there.

any corrections, additions, or questions -- please let me know!

--fund raising for the party--
the bakesale will be on either the 27th or the 28th ((still getting a consensus when would be the better day))

it will hopefully be at the albertsons @ tramway and central ((i haven't been able to talk to a manager yet, but i'll be going over there this weekend to hopefully speak at them))

if you'd like to help out with the fundraiser, let me know. we'll need food to sell ((obviously)) and i'd rather home-made stuff instead of ready-made store bought. we'll also need people to sit at the table and sell the stuff. XD i'll probably be the one doing that, but company would be appreciated.

If we don't get enough funds from this bakesale to cover the rent of the room, we will have to postpone the party until a later date.

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Date:2007-12-12 22:33
Subject:New Years Eve, anyone?
Mood: curious

Hey all~

would any one be interested in a new years eve party?

no costumes, just a small get-together to meet and get to know each other?

we've got a possible offer of using a meeting room at a comfort inn here in alb. and we're thinking of having this party on either the 29th or the 30th of December (that's the last sat/sun of the year)

just give a yay or nay whether or not you'd be willing to come ^^;

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Date:2007-05-21 17:41

Sasha_Shla :: the crazy brutal teen girl rock's the world!

Watch the clip :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9yW1K5_1U

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Date:2007-03-22 14:09
Subject:BuriMyu (Bleach Musical) Cosplay Group, Recruiting Members!!

Hey everyone!

I hope this is allowed here. My apologies if it's not.

My cosplay group, Yume no Densetsu, is once again recruiting members. This time, the theme is BuriMyu. We just started this project, so almost all characters are open, including Ichigo.

The characters we'd like to get are:

Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora "Chad" Sado, Inoue Orihime, Urahara Kisuke, Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, and Kuchiki Rukia. We'll look for more characters if we get all our slots filled.

You can find out all our information at our BuriMyu site, as well as the application form and all that.

Please to note: We're located in COLORADO, so we're looking for people mostly from our state, but New Mexico is fine too, as long as you can make it to CO!
We WILL take out of state members (as long as you live in the West), but not TOO far out of state - it's just a hassle, and we've had bad experiences in the past.

Anyway, please come check it out, and let us know if you have any questions or any of that!

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Date:2006-12-08 09:24
Subject:Adult cosplayers in Abq?
Mood: curious

Sooooo... Might there be any 21+ cosplayers/costumers lurking about in Albuquerque?

*tumbleweed blows across the street*

Yeah, didn't think so. ^_^;

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Date:2006-05-26 21:09
Subject:A-Kon 17: Who's Going

Is anyone from NM going to A-Kon 17 this June???

I am and my badge name is Shi-Sha Hariken. If you're there and you see me, say hi.:)

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Date:2006-03-30 08:58
Mood: curious

Just curious, but are there any clubs out and about in NM for watching anime?
I have a wealth of Ah! My Goddess and RahXephon movies/DVD's that I enjoy quite a bit, but after watching them over and over by myself it tends to get lonely after a while :S

Any help appreciated!
- Entropicurity

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Date:2006-02-16 20:49
Subject:Polysics Coming to Santa Fe
Mood: amused

I just heard about this, but the Jrock group POLYSICS is coming to Santa Fe, NM March 12th. They've done a few theme songs for different shows. They will be playing at Warehouse21. For more information, go to the following sites:

Tofu Records

I'm probably going, because when is there going to be another Jrock group in NM?

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Date:2006-01-21 20:27


Nifty little place I heard about. They're in town.

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Date:2005-12-07 18:11
Subject:Sounds fun!

It's like a mini-con!

Albuqerque AnimeFest
Sat 12-10-05
Admission: $1
Best Western Airport

-anime in theatre setup, with souround sound
-Games and trivia


Sadly, I'll prolly be in LA, but still. You all should check it out and tell me if it is awesome.

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